When life throws you a hurricane, the only way to get through the storm is to embrace the fact that it exists. 

-Chuck Lounge



On Monday 7-22-2019 Chuck Lounge's beloved son Kaylen was taken by acts of stupid cowards. Kaylen was not a gang banger or in and out of trouble. He meant nothing but positivity. He was a hard-working young man who loved his 3 children beyond life and touched the hearts of everyone he came in contact with. He was going to work the morning he was caught in between a crossfire between 2 idiots who didn't have any respect for human life. 



The actual day July 22, 2019, that Chuck told his mother (who was in great health )about her grandson, the weight was too much for her to handle so Chuck's incredible mother Jessie Beamon had a heart attack and passed July 24, 2019, only 2 days after Kaylen was taken. Jessie Beamon had already had buried 4 of her children in her life and It from what the family believes Kaylen was enough for her. 

With all that life has hurdled at Chuck Lounge including overcoming a blood cancer with nutrition, Chuck along with a couple of colleagues who have also overcome serious life obstacles took it upon themselves to launch a nonprofit organization to help others overcome serious life obstacles and be more active in their personal health and wealth. The journey will be an incredible experience and assisting others to excel and progress will be very spiritually rewarding.