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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Entrepreneur, Life speaker, entertainer, writer, music producer, and certified holistic nutritionist 


The youngest of a large musical family, Chuck Lounge was born to use his voice to inspire others.  After seeing how the media affects our lives, Chuck decided to use his talents of speaking, singing, writing, producing, directing, and acting, to uplift and empower his audiences to spread positivity into their lives and communities. Throughout his adult life, Chuck has centered his endeavors on his passions, raising our youth and musical entertainment. On July 22, 2019, Chuck was struck with the tragedy of his son being murdered in a gun crossfire as he was preparing to go to work.  Then ironically Chuck was hit with another tragedy only 48 hours later on July 24, 2019, of his mother passing away from a heart attack.  Chuck has dedicated his life to be not only a symbol of spiritual strength,  endurance, and advocate against senseless gun violence but a motivator of self-empowerment for success.


After being diagnosed with blood cancer in 2003, Chuck spent years in and out of hospitals yet finally overcame his condition by beginning a vegan lifestyle in 2017 and eventually adopting a pescatarian lifestyle permanently.  In 2018 Chuck started the non-profit organization, E.L.O.E. – Every Level of Empowerment and a parallel eCommerce business as he transitioned to motivational speaking to inspire others to live healthier lives. Chuck received his credentials in the field of holistic nutrition from AFPA ( American Fitness Professionals Association) and is now helping others overcome health challenges.


Chuck is the lead singer of the San Jose based, Latin and R&B Fusion band Tortilla Soup and continues to stun audiences in an extensive list of venues domestic and internationally. Chuck Lounge is responsible for the production of several underground local artists as well as artists in other areas. His many talents include all facets of entertainment with focus as a vocalist, songwriter, and event host.


Chuck is committed to unifying men and women to come together for our communities and be an example to our youth using entertainment and entrepreneurial activities such as workshops, seminars, camps and coaching programs to provide a variety of learning opportunities.


 "As long as our heavenly father breathes breath in my body, I will always strive to give the people what they want…LOVE, POSITIVITY AND ENTERTAINMENT.”

  • Chuck Lounge

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