Ladies this is what I saw on social media this morning

Ladies if you really truly whole heartedly believe these beautiful words then I must convey a little food for thought.

Prepare yourself for him. Do NOT bring old bad habits to him. If you’re use to handing trials combatively ( physically or verbally) then work on handling things peacefully before he walks in your life. Give yourself a chance to totally heal from past hurt so you don’t penalize him for something that he has no intention of doing. Make yourself totally emotionally available and TAKE YOUR TIME before giving him your body and essence. Don’t smother him with him insecurities from your past and most of all learn to love yourself so you can love him the way he deserves because if he’s who god sent you hes gonna be ready to love and build with the right woman and you don’t wanna blow it with nonsense. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. im not expert just a little good for thought